aerial silks

corde lisse

Bollywood Silks • aerial silks and dance

My 6Pack is bigger than my 2Pack (trailer) • corde lisse

My 6Pack is bigger than my 2Pack (Full show) • corde lisse

2014 show reel • aerial acrobatics

shut up eddie • corde lisse, projection, puppetry and playback

Agni Puja • fire and classical Indian dance

WEIRD • bastard fools • participatory off-theater

hinojo and his dancer • goth

hinojo and his dancer • renaissance

Hinojo and his dancer • present

powers of art • television series

POA 2 • teaser

POA 3 • teaser

POA 4 • full episode

Bollywood Silks (Full show) • aerial silks and dance

performance montage • 2010-2011

performance montage • 2009-2010

I love you eddie • aerial silks, puppetry, playback and bollywood dance

butterflysoulfire • Sarah Goody and Heiko Senst pay tribute to their friends, fashion label BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE. January 2010

Single Lady • a cabaret act

tomte • ‘heureka’• adding a bit of acrobatic spice to one of Germany’s favourite indie pop bands.